Useful Downloads

Some of these are links to the main download site, a few I have made the file available here direct – usually because it is out-of-date freeware no longer commonly available.

and if you don’t find what you need here, check out which is a mega-download and info source, and if they don’t have it, it probably ain’t worth having.


System Maintenance

Advanced System Care  Advance System Care Free – Registry Cleanup, system optimiser and anti malware (old Version 3)

Avast Avast – Antivirus

CCleaner CCleaner – Registry cleanup

Desktop RestoreDesktop Icon Save and Restore – allows you to save the position of all your desktop icons etc and restore them if it gets messed up by a resolution change.

eicareicar – Test virus – completely harmless but will trigger a response from your Anti-Virus program

HijackThis HijackThis – Check your registry entries for malware

MalWareBytes MalWareBytes – Spyware cleanup

MemTest MemTest – Windows memory test program

LinuxPenDrive PenDriveLinux – how to make a bootable USB flash drive running Linux – I prefer to use Knoppix but the site covers various Linux flavours.   The UNIX Grymoire will tell you more than you will ever need to know about Linux

PhotoRec PhotoRec – Photo (and other data) recovery from damaged disks including camera cards etc.

Recuva Recuva – Recover lost, damaged or deleted files.
Use this Portable version of Recuva from a USB drive if the data is on your hard drive as installing the main program may overwrite what you want to recover.

Speccy Speccy – Displays detailed system information – OS, CPU, Memory etc.

SyncBack SyncBack Free – backup, restore or sync files between drives.

TreeSizeFree TreeSizeFree – Find out what’s using up all your disk space (that links to an old version, current site here)

WinDirStat WinDirStat – Another prog which shows what’s using up your disk space – this one gives a colour coded ‘map’ of the different file types


Webby things

BareBones  BareBones guide to HTML – a very basic introduction to HTML code for writing web pages

GreenFish Greenfish Icon Editor – create icons for use as your Favicon, or other windows icons

HTMLKit HTML Kit – HTML Web Page editor

NVu NVu HTML Editor for Windows or Mac

TeamViewer TeamViewer Quick Client – part of the TeamViewer software for remote support

WS_FTP – FTP software to upload files to the web

Xenu – find broken links and orphan files on your website (file downloadable from my site here)

Web Album Generator Web Album Generator – creates a page of thumbnail images and matching large size image pages ready for upload to your site.  Thumbnail and web-friendly sized images generated automatically.


Sound and Vision

Audacity – free Sound recording / Audio editor

LAME_Enc.dll – LAME encoder used by Audacity (and other progs) to convert to MP3 (homepage)

AutoStitch – stick together lots of digital photos to create a great big panorama

Gimp – Fully featured Graphics program – comparable to Photoshop but completely free.  Gimp tutorials at and

Irfanview – free – image editing software

Jellycam Jellycam – free stop-motion animation program for Windows or Mac – Free Graphics program

Paintbrush Paintbrush – Free simple bitmap graphics program for Mac

Seashore Seashore – Free bitmap graphics program – compatible with Gimp but much simpler and intuitive. Free for Mac OS

VideoPad  VideoPad – Free Video Editor (Make sure you choose the Free not-for-commercial-use version, the other version is a trial for 30 days only).

VLC VLC media player – plays DVD, music, etc

WinFF WinFF – media converter (convert Video/audio files between many formats using ffmpg ffmpg libaries (included in WinFF download))


Office Things

  FoxIt Reader – Fast alternative PDF reader

Open Office – Complete Office Suite with WordProcessor, Spreadsheet, Database, Presentation,
Drawing package and equation editor

Primo PDF Primo PDF – create PDF files from your documents for free – no ads

Timer  Timer – a simple multi-function stopwatch / timer


Teaching Things

Binary / Decimal conversion challenge Binary / Decimal conversion speed challenge game, and new 2sComplement version

CMap CMap Tools – Free Concept Mapping tool – multi platform

CamStudio CamStudio – Record whatever happens on screen – including an audio track

Dasher Dasher – Predictive text – text input without a keyboard – Great for teaching AI

Eclipse Crossword Generator Eclipse Crossword Generator – crossword maker

Hot Potatoes quiz maker Hot Potatoes – quiz and activity maker

MSW Logo MSWLogo – Free LOGO / Turtle graphical programming app

LiveCode  LiveCode – Free very-high-level, object oriented, event driven programming language. Available free for Mac, Win or LInux.  Has the ability to create apps for iOS and Android.

We previously used Revolution RevMedia –  for Mac, Win or Linux in school – a precursor to the current LiveCode – also free but with fewer features.

NetBeans Ruby programming language and NetBeans IDE (Ruby no longer built in as part of NetBeans – version 6.9.1 has Ruby included)

Scratch Scratch – an animation based programming teaching tool that makes learning to write complex programs easy and fun

SWI Prolog SWI Prolog – free Open-Source Prolog program – for Win or Mac – ideal for teaching AI in schools

XGP Prolog XGP Prolog – free Open-Source Prolog program for Mac


Other Stuff

AShampoo AShampoo – free CD/DVD writing software – much easier to use than Nero et al  (or version 10 of AShampoo appears to be available from here – requires free registration and is ad-supported)

Barcode Font Barcode font

PortableApps – Free open source programs to run on ANY PC – from a USB drive or other pnp device.

Puzzlex Puzzlex – Anagram and crossword puzzle solver

Skyglobe SkyGlobe – free Star Viewer / Planetarium


Picture Galleries

  Picasa web album




Remote Support

TeamViewer for Remote Support Remote Support by MrsB
Click the button and you will be prompted to download and save the Remote Support program. Once downloaded, run this program and you will be shown a 9 digit ID code and a 4 digit password. Send this to me (keeping this up on screen) and I will then be able to connect to your computer and see exactly what is on your screen in order to help you. No one will be able to connect to your computer without these codes. As soon as you stop running the program, no one can connect. The password changes every time you run the program.